Recommended Tradesmen and service providers

If you have used a tradesman who has done good work let us know and we will list them here. If you have used a service listed here and was not satisfied, also please use the feedback box as well. Service providers are listed because they have been recommended, but this does not constitute any guarantee that you will be satisfied .Many tradesmen know and work frequently in this complex through word of mouth. It is often convenient to hire someone who is familiar with this complex and your building.


Local Electrical Ph: 0488 490 844 (Phil)


Flo Rite Plumbing.

For leaking taps, hot water systems, blocked drains, gas stoves, dishwashers, garbage disposal units

PH 1300 785989.

WaterWise Plumbing & Gas

Ph 0409508388    Mobile 0429955241    Fax 0733254489




 DCI Painting and Maintenance

 – 0411 546 068 –



John Barnes & Co  32758888

Garage doors repairs

NorthPoint Garage Doors Ph 54979000


LSM Carpentry – Mobile phone:  0422 105 597

Carpet Cleaner

Long-A-Life Carpet and Curtain Cleaning Service – 32657572

Holmes Cleaning (Bray Park) Ph: 33987000 (Gary)

Pro-Tec Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Northgate) 32569088

metal electroplating

HGP Finishing Services

1/21 Collingwood St, Albion, PH 38621122 or email on

specialize in precious metal electroplating as well as jewellery cleaning. Used here for electroplating doorknockers and door handles.

Air Conditioning

Genesis Air Services

install and service.Ph 1300720222 Mobile 0416062844


Jon Cook – 0438 984 769


  1. KeyMaster Rendering – great quality work

    Roy – 0421 161 524 –

  2. Hi,

    We have recently moved in and I general manage a group of computer and electronics stores.

    I was wondering if you could add us to your recommended trades people for, computer repairs, TV reception issues (sometimes not body corp issues) and Electronic Security. Being so local we can always come over and help out.



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