This is where you can participate in building this website.Contributions , suggestions and feedback are all appreciated



  1. Websites good. Could I please ask that you pass on a request to have a power point mounted underneath the pool, i have nowhere to charge my iMac!

    Ta, 🙂

  2. Great work, I think the site is wonderful, I have sent the links to my friends in several countries around the world so they can see where I live.

  3. 27th March 2009
    I am very impressed with your website. It is kept current and I can see when properties are up for rent or sale.
    Did Homeless Harry get his powerpoint for charging his iMac???

    I see there is another Cloudland site but I managed to get you your site first.

  4. Any news on when the rear gate on Cowlishaw street will be operational??

    I’m sure it will keep most of the residents in the front half of the site happy!! maybe just a few unhappy neighbours outside cloudland??!!!

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